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Get Cash Back From Your Purchases

Thursday, February 07, 2013    

Would you say no to receiving cash in return for making your normal everyday purchases? Offering something new is good both for business and building new relationships.

Are you one of those people who look for discount codes, money off vouchers or take advantage of the BOGOF (buy one get one free) offers that are used by most retailers at one time or another? Do you possess a smart phone, a tablet, browse the internet, bank or shop online? In most cases, I would expect a yes to at least one of these, but if not, you are increasingly being exposed and pressured into the move online and a new way of completing everyday tasks.

Businesses are having to adapt, to innovate, to think of new ways to attract new business and retain the loyalty of their customers. This is an issue facing every business that wants to survive, let alone grow, in the current climate. You only have to look at HMV, Blockbuster and Jessops to see what happens when technology changes the business environment or when consumers are tempted away by competitors with comparable prices but added convenience.

Why do the majority of us shop at the supermarkets? Is it the fact that they have a mass of products under one roof, the price, the hours they are open, the accessibility? Or, are they just a convenient necessity when today most of us are time poor? 

Things change over time. What we do today is likely to be far different to what we did last year, and a whole lot different to what we did ten years ago. If you own a business, look back and see what changes you have undertaken  - have you adopted new technology and new ways of reaching out to your customers? Has turnover and profits grown in line with your expectations, or have they fallen? Doing much of the same, usually gives the same results. Therefore if you want more, you have to add something new to the mix.

I often hear, I’m on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, attend BNI and have a website. I correspondingly then receive a “No not really” to the question, “have they generated a significant shift in your sales and transformed your business? Is not true of every case, but this is just the majority of my findings to date. That said, the aforementioned are merely tools that rely on being used fully to achieve any noticeable results - but offer little in the way of differentiation for you or your business. These are moving more mainstream and more to being the every day norm, a term I call bland business.

Now to my opening question. Working with clients and local businesses, we have successfully demonstrated how to set up e-commerce sites for as little as £15 per month which are now creating sales of several thousand pounds, month on month and are continuing to grow.

So what other tools can you use?  Buy in store or online at ASDA and get 3% cash back. A meal or clothes from M&S and get 5% cash back. Do you shop at New Look? If you do, have 6.5%. Buy jewelry as a gift at Ernst & Jones and get 11% and then take a Virgin Experience Day and be paid 14%.  These are just a few of the offers, and the level of cash you get back available with our prepaid MasterCard - there are hundreds more online.  Going abroad we have a prepaid currency card (US Dollar and Euros) designed to save you cash by offering commercial exchange rates rather then the expensive tourist rates. 

It’s things like these that you could take advantage of to improve your business and give something back to your customers and your staff too.

Transforming your business does not have to be selling more of the same at a different price. If you would like to know more on growing your business or would like to take advantage of the savings from our cards (which are free by the way) email

As published in the Cleethorpes Chronicle Newspaper

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