If your business is growing or is in need of a new server we are the people to give you impartial and constructive advice. We advise on Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) installations for small and medium-sized companies. We also know that in business cash is important often a factor in the decision and specification. We offer you the advice and the solution – the choice is then yours.

Microsoft® SBS benefits include:

  • Increase productivity  - do more
  • Employee efficiency – do it faster
  • Corporate professionalism  - you know it, your customers see it
  • Data protection
  • Improves your accounting systems – more users can share data
  • Greater security to your accounting and email systems.

Microsoft® SBS applications include:

  • Email
  • Internet connectivity
  • Remote access
  • Mobile device support
  • Printer and file sharing
  • Backup and restore